Friday, May 27, 2005

haven't seen star wars yet

...that's right, i haven't seen that movie yet. but i will. in the meantime:

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i also have some new reviews and an interview with schoolyard heroes up on


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

dave matthews ruined my night

man, i worked from 3:56 pm to 1:26 am with NO breaks. i'm beat.

tonight, the new dave matthews album came out, so -- in force -- a ton of frat boyz, stoners, suburban white girls and old people arrived before midnight wanting to buy their copy of "stand up." i'm surprised they just didn't wait until tomorrow when best buy opens up and will no doubt have it at a cheaper price. but i guess they just had to have their fix of dave.

as i was ringing people up, i noticed that the album cover looked very close to a previous seal album cover. then i remembered that seal copied the cover of karate kid. don't believe me? here's a timeline:

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as i could've predicted, matthews trumped some of the night's more notable album releases including the new weezer (totally crappy), spoon (totally good), and the sloan retrospective (also very good). oh well, at least he can make a million more dollars before he goes to hell.