Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Crime In Stereo, "Crime In Stereo Is Dead"

Crime In Stereo
"Crime In Stereo Is Dead"
(Bridge Nine)

A few years ago, Crime In Stereo's "Explosions And the Will To Use Them" was THE jam. It was packed with tightly played songs and immediate lyricism. And then... nothing. Not to say that CIS's subsequent albums were bad (they weren't), but I just wasn't paying much attention to them. So I guess I'm at fault for that. For the 2K7, Crime In Stereo brings us "Crime In Stereo Is Dead," which might be the most indie rock hardcore album I've ever heard.

It's clear that there's a variety of influences in CIS's repartee, particularly from 90's Britpop, but with the East Coast hxc feel, it's surprisingly catchy AND brutal. Lyrically, the album is, for the most part, strong, though there are trite moments. That aside, I'd place "Crime In Stereo Is Dead" as the best hardcore album of the year.

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