Tuesday, August 05, 2008

slapping fools in the face just for living

so a couple nights ago, i posted some shit about why "high school musical" sucks (here's a quick version: "hsm" doesn't have too many non-white kids and it's a glorification of an institution that breaks your spirit and there's no reason why anybody over the age of 15 should like it). long story short: kids got pissed. they jumped to the defense of their favorite whitebread heroes and burned crosses in the name of mickey (okay, i made that last part up, but you get the point).

the former, however, was true and i personally think that kids should be embarrassed for supporting such a film that promotes being a dunderhead.

here are the facts: "high school musical" is not like real life; hell, high school isn't like real life. high school is stupid. the only reason why i would want to go back to high school is just to see if the thing that i left in the panel above my locker is still there (apologies to whoever got stuck with locker number 423).

i have these ideals and i like to rattle the cages, other people seem to have the same idea about teenagers today. save the empire, damn the man.

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