Tuesday, July 11, 2006

...and the number one reason i have lost faith in everything

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, that's Lindsay "Tore Up From the Floor Up" Lohan manning the turntables at some shindig with Steve "I Am the Shame of Asian-Americans Everywhere" Aoki. (BTW, this image was delightfully borrowed from the Cobrasnake, via Gawker's Blue States Lose).

So, ouch that hurts a little. Here I am, a dude who spent a good chunk of his formative high school years learning stuff about DJing, particularly the all the trickery that made Omar Epps cool in "Juice," and the obsession of tabloid America walks in and acts like she knows what's up (sidenote: If you look closely, Lohan is using "Scratch," a program that turns your mp3 files into usable "virtual vinyl." She's not even using real records). As you can imagine this is somewhat disturbing/frustrating/etc. Must we really revisit the whole "I hate hipster DJs" thing every year?

I guess this picture's probably the worst of them all because it really does signify that any dolt (such as Evertan Lohan) can stand behind turntables (when in reality they're using iTunes) and act like they're rockin' the party. I hate to say this, but perhaps DJs with anything remotely close to talent are as dead as the dodo.


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