Thursday, June 29, 2006

the pizza jawn

Over the past two weeks, I've had this awesome craving for pizza. Let it be known, I love pizza in the way I love Chinese food, burritos, and various family members. I wanted to list my favorite places to get pizza, but it's taken me about a week to compile the best of the best.

Best pizza joints (in no particular order, and only in places that I've lived at or visited)

1. Little Caesars
Anywhere in the U.S.

Little Caesars is probably the best national pizza chain. During the height of their popularity in the 1990s, Caesars (along with the signature character of same name) could be found everywhere, including K-Marts. In 2006, you're hard pressed to find a Little Caesars in Washington, but I hear that they're existent in the midwest. At least I can still find Crazy Bread somewhere.

2. Pagliacci Pizza

Seattle is more of a gourmet pizza kind of town and Pagliacci is one of the few places you can go to find affordable single slice pizza. If you were to get a large specialty pie, it may cost you some change, but it's worth every single cent.

3. Mountain Mike's

When I was a kid, there was a Mountain Mike's near the elementary school, so I'd save whatever bit of money was left over from buying comics to head down to the double M to get their personal pan pizza. That was the greatest place to get pizza when you're 9 years old and you don't know any better.

4. Fat Slice
Bay Area, CA

When I think of the phrase "more bang for your buck," Fat Slice immediately comes to mind. You get these huge single slices for $1.99 or something insane like that. One time I went into a Fat Slice and saw Planet Asia, so you figure anything good for a rapper is surely good enough for you.

5. Edwardo's
Carol Stream, IL

I dig the phenom that is stuffed pizza. Edwardo's in Chicago suburb Carol Stream is the finest of the fine. The pizza is expensive, but it's the pizza equivalent of dining at pricey steakhouse.

6. Sparta's Pizza House
Lynnwood and Bothell, WA

Edwardo's be damned. Illinois is so far away that if I want a decent stuffed pie, I go to Sparta's, which, truth be told, is just as good. In addition to their pizza, Sparta's also has a great Eggplant dish, but we're not really talking about that, are we?

7. Unnamed Pizza Place
Chinatown, New York City

On my second to last day in New York, I came across a random pizza joint in Chinatown and had the New York pizza ever. I thought of myself as somewhat of a makeshift NY food critic since I'd been to every restaurant that was in the city in my two-week stay. I Google searched for pizza places in Chinatown and Joe's Pizza is all that came up. I'm not sure if that's the same place, but if it is, hit it up.

8. Straw Hat Pizza/Chuck E. Cheese (a.k.a. Showbiz)
California/United States

Like Shakey's, Straw Hat and Chuck E. Cheese are best for large group events and such. They make good pizza, not great, but with places like these, it's all about the atmosphere.

9. Papa Murphy's
Anywhere in the U.S.

The idea of a take-n-bake pizza is contrary to what getting a pizza is all about, but it's really good as far as glorified frozen pizza goes.

10. Hot Mama's Pizza
Seattle, WA

Located between Seattle University and Seattle Central Community College, Hot Mama's is the perfect place to get a cheap slice while hitting the books. The pie is greasy, but such is the nature of pizza.


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