Wednesday, October 25, 2006

coolness updates and tales from the darkside

so i have a bunch of stuff planned for the coolness -- reviews, editorials, etc. -- but i've been writing my new book, so the daily blogging has had to take a backseat of sorts. i'm in the homestretch and i'm probably a little over halfway finished with my new novella, title to be announced. after it's finished, i'll be shopping it to publishers and (hopefully) someone will pick it up. otherwise, i may end up publishing and distributing it myself if i can get the money together.

here are some new CDs that i recommend listening to:

botch "unifying themes redux redux" (hydra head, originally on excursion)
new found glory "coming home" (geffen)
shook ones "faceitous folly feat" (revelation)
owen "no good for no one now" (polyvinyl)
ink & dagger "drive this seven inch stake through my philadelphia heart" (initial)
alkaline trio "crimson"


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