Thursday, April 19, 2007

Come Widdit: Cassino

Location: Alabama
Sounds Like: Morose Son Volt Cover a good way

Nick Torres was once in Northstar, a rock band that was more known for being quoted and championed by Taking Back Sunday. They were also on Triple Crown Records, the label that gave Brand New its start, so it was somewhat inevitable that Northstar was going to get lumped in with the other pop-punk/emo Hot Topic-influenced bands. Years ago, I interviewed Torres and told him that his band had more of an indie rock sensibility which he was glad that I recognized. Eventually Northstar called it quits and almost immediately Torres and fellow Northstar-er Tyler Odom started Cassino, a band that sounds absolutely nothing like Northstar save a few melodies and Torres' captivating vocals.

Cassino probably has more in common with Lucero, Wilco or Whiskeytown. Torres' introspective lyrics are perfectly matched with the band's morose style of music. It's perfect for drinking alone on Sunday afternoons.

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