Friday, October 12, 2007

fugging shizzz

[win free thrice tickets, get closer to licking the sweat from dustin kensrue's head]

This is seriously the slowest week ever. There haven't been any big releases, TV shows or movies to really wax intellectual about. VH-1 aired the latest installment of their "Hip-Hop Honors" series in which they paid tribute to "New Jack Swing" (which isn't really hip-hop as much as it is a rap/R&B clusterfuck that resulted in my older sister getting tickets to see Boyz II Men, Another Bad Creation and Bell Biv DeVoe, while all I got were a bunch of shitty back issues of "Uncanny X-Men"). There was also the Lupe Fiasco Fiasco (dubbed "Fiascogate" by those wiseguys at Nah Right), where the motherfucker forgot the words to "Electric Relaxation." How is that possible? How can you be a backpack toting rapper and not know the words to a Tribe Called Quest song? A single, no less? A fucking song that the was theme to the "Wayans Brothers" goddamn sitcom? Bullshit, I says.

Other than that, it's been pretty dead. I've also been doing some legal work and flirting with the idea of getting a job with the gov'ment, which means that I'll have to go back to buying music, though in all fairness, I've purchased more music this year than I did last year. So take that, music industry reports.

Anyway, hopefully next week there will be some shit worth writing about. Maybe I'll expand on my Top 10 Break Up records of all time, as spawned by my Taking Back Sunday post earlier in the week.

Oh...go out and buy that Manchester Orchestra record, "I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child." That shit is hot fire. It might be the record of the year, next to Tegan and Sara's "The Con."

...And enter the new Redefine contest for free copies of the new Thrice album and tickets for the Brand New/Thrice tour!! Huzzah!

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