Tuesday, September 18, 2007

yo ryan, where you at?

OMG, I've been the worst blogger evar. I've been working on this piece for Asian Weekly for about a month and getting super stressed about it, so I put updating this shit on hold because I wanted to give the feature my full attention. In the article, I interview members of Congress and their staff and apparently, staffers have to get permission in order to answer questions. On top of that, these people are busy, so what was originally supposed to take two weeks to write, folded into a month.

But now that's done, my second draft is sitting in the editor's inbox, waiting to be scrutinized.

Some of you may have noticed that I'm blocking comments from appearing on the Coolness. The reason being that while I've always limited comments to blogger.com members, some of you decided that because I dissed your favorite band, it would be funny to write personal and racist attacks about me. There's a lot of shit that I'll put up with and racism ain't one of them. I don't mind sparking a friendly debate (like the back-and-forth between me and Anton from AP.net, because at the very least it was constructive criticism), but I really don't appreciate hateful shit. So because a couple of you kids decided it would be a good idea to pull some fucking ching chong shit on me, I killed the comments. I don't stand for that kind of talk and neither should most of America since it's 2007. Idiots.

Also, the new issue of Redefine is out in stores and in newsstands right now. Go buy one! And if you can't find it at your local retailer, tell them to carry it and order one from the site. Aside from some kick ass interviews with Tegan and Sara and Boys Night Out, the features about the Helio Sequence and Facing New York are also good reads; it's the best bathroom/backpack/busride/waiting room companion since Entertainment Weekly and Maxim.

I'll be back today or tomorrow with my usual bullshit. Peace and chicken grease.

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