Monday, October 22, 2007

Lance Hahn, R.I.P.

According to, Lance Hahn, of Cringer and J. Church, passed away over the weekend. If you remotely liked pop-punk in the 90's, you've probably crossed paths with one of Hahn's bands in some form or another. J. Church also had the distinguishable characteristic of being one of the few bands to record for almost every label out there (Vagrant, Jade Tree, No Idea, Fat, Broken Rekids among many others). Additionally, Hahn himself was one of the few Asian-Americans not relegated to a vocal-less bass player position or a horn section. And, if memory serves me correctly, Hahn might've been one of the earliest Asians to front a punk band (at least that I discovered, so I'm probably wrong on that).

Either way, this is a pretty big loss, considering that J. Church was still very active, despite Hahn's health problems (which you can find documented throughout several back issues of "Giant Robot").

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