Tuesday, December 04, 2007

2007 Rewind Selecta: The Hits

I don't care if it's still early December, I'm going to write one of these arbitrary lists now and get it over with, that way, when other blogs are just straight blasting motherfuckers with the same Matador/Def Jux/Barsuk releases, I'll seem that much more of a trailblazer. Believe that.

Best Records of 07 (in no particular order):

Dawhud, "Basement Sessions" (Self-Released)
This fucking jam has been the most heavily rotated hip-hop record of the year...and I've only had it since the summer time. Even if I didn't know Dawhud, I'd still go out and buy this CD. Seriously. That's how good it is. The last time I heard a hip-hop album this cohesive and well put together? Maybe "Supreme Clientele." Maybe.

Broadway Calls, "Broadway Calls" (State of Mind)
These dudes get a lot of comparisons to Jawbreaker, but I'd say they're more like a non-shittier version of Green Day; maybe "Kerrplunk"-era.

Tegan & Sara, "The Con" (Sire/Vapor)
I think I wrote more about this band than I really needed to, but whatever. The record is better than that Paramore shite.

DJ Babu, "The Beat Tape Vol.1" (Nature Sounds)
Though each song is roughly a minute and a half long, Babu's instrumental album was pretty thorough and an easy listen from start to end. I know he didn't win the Big Tune Beat Battle, but I'd seriously like to see Sabzi come correct with a full-on wordless album and see how it fairs compared to this legend's run at it.

Alicia Keys, "As I Am" (J)
I just reviewed this shit last week.

Say Anything, "In Defense of the Genre" (J)
I'm hesistantly putting this up on the list. I've heard it a few times and while I'll venture out and say that the first disc is stronger than the second, I think that as a songwriter, Max Bemis is getting better and better. He's lyrically more interesting than half the bands that get featured on message board sites and I'm curious to see what comes out of his mouth on the next record.

Boys Night Out, "Boys Night Out" (Ferret)
Just a fun pop record to listen to.

Scott Storch featuring Nox, "Built Like That" (Self-Released)
Probably the worst diss record of all time, it's still halfway entertaining to hear Scotty Storch rap. It's the same carwreck reaction that people had that made William Hung one of the best selling "American Idol" contestants.

Amy Winehouse, "Back To Black" (Universal)
I know, I know. She's coked up as fuck and "Rehab" is probably the most played out song since "In da Club," but dude, have you heard the record in its entirity? That shit is amazing.

Crime In Stereo, "Crime In Stereo Is Dead" (Bridge Nine)
I also reviewed this last week, but I actually made the effort to buy it from a store. That's how much I liked it.

Deejay Om, "Reheated Naan and Curry" (G4)
This is a few months old but it's still fire.

Little Brother, "Getback" (ABB)
I was a little reluctant to hear Phonte and Pooh without 9th Wonder, but you know what? This new record actually bangs harder than "The Minstrel Show." No disrespect to 9th, but damn. Maybe they should've cut homedude from the roster years ago.

Manchester Orchestra, "I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child" (Red Ink)
A breathtaking album that openly criticizes organized religion from a band that is neither from Manchester, nor an orchestra.

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