Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Jams Video Series: Boogiemonsters, "Honeydips in Gotham (Remix)" and Masta Ace INC, "The INC Ride"

One of the best part about summer jams is that they're built to be anthems. Whether they're topically about ladies (or mens) and partying, they serve to bring together all types of different people to celebrate the human spirit.

Boogiemonsters' "Honeydips in Gotham" was their second single and was lost amidst a sea of other notable hip-hop groups who (though were regarded as flashes in the collective pan) released something of substance in 1995, which was perhaps the last great year for hip-hop.

Masta Ace's "The INC Ride" was also released in 1995 and freaks the same Isley Brothers sample as the Boogiemonsters song. Unlike the Boogiemonsters' jam, Masta Ace's entry into summer jam status is built on chillin' and driving around in your sick ride. In any event, it's still a great song to listen to while you have the AC blasting on your face.

Boogiemonsters, "Honeydips in Gotham"

Masta Ace Incorporated, "The INC Ride"

Bonus: The Isley Brothers, "For the Love of You"

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