Friday, September 05, 2008


man, it's been a minute since i wrote in this thing.

i feel like stella's finally getting her groove back this week. a few weeks ago, nw asian weekly ran a profile i wrote about judge marianne spearman, who went on to win the lion's share of votes during the king county primary and solidfied her place as a superior court judge. i also wrote a bunch of sweet reviews for redefine and, as always, i lay down the funk on my trusty tumblr.

but lately, most of my writing efforts have been for my next (untitled) book, as well as the print-to-screen adaptation of a war torn letter. i don't know if any other writer has had the kind of issue that i've had with the latter, in which i find myself constantly revising the story. i feel like by the time i get to a workable draft of war torn: the movie, it will be much different.



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