Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Come Widdit: P.S. Eliot

I'm pretty indifferent about anything that has come out on K Records and anything that sounds like it would have the Calvin Johnson stamp of approval is immediately suspect to me. That being said, I found Alabama-based P.S. Eliot on ICouldDieTomorrow a little while back and the shit blew my mind.

I know that I get on my high horse and bash the fuck out of bands like VersaEmerge, Paramore and Hey Monday (probably), chiefly because women in "punk" (at least as we know it to be) are a minority, so why not have something to say? P.S. Eliot is a (mostly) female punk band and rips harder than any of the other bands that I just listed.

Their lo-fi demo, "The Bike Wreck Demo," reminds me of why I love recording on a 4-track so much. It's gritty, dirty as fuck, but most of all, the songs are really catchy and good. It has all the trappings of something that K would've put out 18 years ago, but I suppose looking at a band like P.S. Eliot now, they're everything I loved about DIY punk kids to begin with.

Fuck big budgets and get with P.S. Eliot.

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