Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Get your cassette decks ready, suckers!

A few years ago, The Falcon ran a list of songs that I felt would be appropriate for Valentine's Day. There were songs that were both for those in love and those without love. After four years without a new mixtape list, I present the anti V-Day songs for the 2K6:

For the Lonely Vol. 2
Side A.

1. Glassjaw: Ape Dos Mil
2. Pedro the Lion: Bad Diary Days
3. Milt Jackson & John Coltrane: The Night We Called it a Day
4. Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway: Where is the Love
5. Say Anything: Into the Night
6. The Monkees: The Girl I Knew Somewhere
7. Jazzefatnastees: The Wound

Side B.
1. The Lost Boyz: Renee
2. Morrissey: I Don't Mind If You Forget Me
3. Portishead: Sour Times
4. Bayside: Don't Call Me Peanut
5. Natalie Imbruglia: Smoke
6. Lifetime: I'm Not Calling You
7. Elvis Costello: Alison

*on a totally unrelated matter, the Redefine site has been updated with the Nightmare of You interview, my tattoo article, and some reviews. Word.


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