Tuesday, April 04, 2006

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Promise Ring

First of all, having a stomach virus is like eating knives and throwing up razorblades. That pretty much encapsulates my entire weekend and Monday. So going through (literally) gut-wrenching pain, I had to find an album that was both beautiful and somber. My girlfriend brought out my long forgotten copy of the Promise Ring's "Wood/Water," which was their swan song record.

Amidst harsh criticism that they had turned their backs on the Cars-esque power pop that made them emo superstars, "Wood/Water" is everything that "30 Degrees Everywhere" and "Very Emergency" aren't -- it's sullen, moody and a quiet storm of sorts. The songs are much in the vein of Built To Spill, yet instead of songs about getting stoned, the topics are that of a weary band. "My Life is at Home" and "Stop Playing Guitar" were road signs that Davey Von Bohlen and crew didn't really much left in them.

Listening to "Wood/Water" now, it really isn't surprising that TPR broke up months after the album's release and though many reviews complained that their final album was a failure, I think it's probably their best record and validates them as more than a flash-in-the-pan emo band.

[Available mp3s: "Stop Playing Guitar"]


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