Tuesday, March 21, 2006

men, women & children...it sucks!

Men, Women & Children
"Men, Women & Children"

When I first put this CD in my computer, I didn't know what to really think. Halfway through the opening song "Dance In My Blood," I started to think that it was okay. Then I heard the rest of the album and asked my coworkers "Is there a toilet around here because there's a piece of shit on my desk?!"

Unlike Panic! At the Shithole, MWC is very specific at which era of 80's music they've taken a bite of, 1980-81. This actually wouldn't be that bad if it really was 1980 and this was released on Epic or Motown (they were putting out all the good disco shit back in the day), but it's 2006 and it sounds like I'm listening to some deformed bastard child of the Bee Gees, DeBarge and the Cure. This is just another convoluted hipster joke gone bad (see: The Darkness).

This fucking shit is terrible on so many levels. As a disco record, it's bunk because disco, in general, sucks. As a rock record it's horrid because any good guitar parts are quickly buried beneath horns, strings or keys.

Every year major labels complain about how they're losing money and they always blame filesharing and indie labels. Hey Warner Bros. THIS IS WHY YOU'RE LOSING MONEY! Dumping money into a band that sounds like a coked up, electro disco ball fart is not good business. Fuck this shit, I'm gonna go listen to the birds screech outside. At least that sounds like real music.


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