Monday, June 19, 2006

back to school...maybe?

[Here's one of the few posts where I'll actually write about my personal life. Enjoy.]

So over the weekend, my wife registered for classes so she can get another degree in something that will make her money. She's aiming for something that's somewhat of a viable career. I, on the other hand, also have a BA, yet I'm not really doing much with it, save kicking some articles over to Redefine and a few freelance things here and there. And I'm not complaining. Hell, I've been writing for free since 1999. But I started to think, "Maybe I should do something with my degree, or at least further my education." Here are some of my options:

1. Get my master's degree.
2. Get a degree in another field. A BA in creative writing? Sounds good to me.
3. Get an AA in culinary arts.
4. Go back to school for personal enrichment (i.e. learning Hebrew).

So that's what I have going on right now. Like I said, I have a few options, but it'll probably take some time to sort it out in my head. I have at least two years to figure out what I'm doing with the journalism thing. At the very least, I can finish my children's book.


At 9:37 AM , Blogger Joel said...

I think an email would be a more appropriate way for me to chime in here, but I don’t seem to have your address any more. My advice is to not waste time on a second Bachelor’s degree unless it’s something totally unrelated to what you did before – like if you decided you suddenly wanted to be a marine biologist. If you’re serious about a degree in writing, you should definitely consider a low-residency MFA program – you can complete an MFA in fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and I think even playwriting or screenwriting, in some places-- in two years, while you’re working. You do your writing on your own time and send stuff to a “mentor,” and take a couple of weeks of intensive classes a year. I looked into a lot of them when I was mulling my grad school career over, and sometimes I regret not doing it. I may, someday. The only drawback is paying a ton of money with no teaching assitantship or tuition waivers to assuage the cost.

While I’m dispensing unwanted advice, stop writing for free! You’ve proven you have the chops. Get paid.


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