Tuesday, July 18, 2006

clown shoes

[hipster photo proudly borrowed from gawker.com]

So if you haven't heard, the forces of evil (read: old media) Rolling Stone and MTV have consummated an evil marriage by birthing a reality TV show of ridiculous proportions (as if reality TV in general wasn't already ridiculous). The basic premise is that they find a few William Millers from around the U.S. and have these jagoffs show what it's really like to be a "music journalist." Here's what I've learned about music writing from the 10 years I've been doing it:

1. You get a lot of free shit (albums, tickets, shirts, etc.)
2. You don't get paid as much as movies and television would lead you to believe
3. Death threats come and go but no one ever acts on them. Yet.

I'm not quite sure how MTV plans to stretch out the most unglamorous task into an entire season full of random acts of drunkeness and drama, but they'll probably find a way. I have this feeling that Krys Jagger (the dime in the ungodly hipster shades) will probably be the lightning rod for any grief that will occur. Check out her Myspace page. Really now, what kind of reality TV star has a fan site before the show hits the air? Maybe the kind who starts her own fan page, oh snap!

[On a side note, it annoys the hell out of me when people don't reduce the size of their photos. Seriously, I don't need to look at an enlarged picture of your coked up face, girl.]

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