Wednesday, August 02, 2006

how to destroy popular youth culture

Many of my posts in the last few weeks have had to do with the lacksidaisical attitude of youth culture these days. For the budding journalists, photographers and musicians of today, everything is easy for them with the advent of blogs, affordable digital cameras and Myspace. Earlier, I got stuck watching a special about Warped Tour on Fuse and I felt like that was the last straw. It's like nobody's even trying to do/see/hear anything different; I'm not quite sure if we can blame kids anymore, I suppose they only mimic the complacency that they see in the rest of America: people who've accepted that we're lead to certain doom by a president who wouldn't know his ass from a donkey on the side of the road, people who will accept anti-Semitism with open arms, and people who will ensure that Toby Keith still has a career.

The best thing to do at this point is to destroy everything that American youth culture has built up as their sacred cows. I'm not suggesting that anybody dies, or anything, but you can make a change using non-violent protest. Word to MLK.

1. Boycott Hot Topic, MTV, Seventeen Magazine, Vice, CNN, Fox, Spike TV, Absolutepunk, and Myspace.

2. Cancel your subscription to cable.

3. Sell all your band merch.

4. Burn all releases that are from a major label, or a major label distributor (Fontana, WEA, RED, ADA).

5. Don't use a Sidekick.

6. Use a 35mm camera.

7. Stop drinking Pabst and/or Sparks.

8. Stop referencing the '80s.

9. Stop wearing pink.

10. Do whatever you want and ignore this list.

You see, it's pretty complacent to follow this list as well. I suppose this entire post comes from a place of frustration because I can see a clear line where the trends will change, or continuing on for another year while the music aspect itself becomes this convulted joke. Either way, it's weird when you can see counterculture end. But what do I know? This is coming from the same dude who compared New Found Glory to The Cars.


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