Tuesday, July 18, 2006

...and the rant continues

Listening to Morrissey always put me in somewhat of a somber mood, so I'm listening to Cursive's new "Happy Hollow" in favor of "Viva Hate."

To piggyback from my earlier post, I'd thought I'd share Krys Jagger's general info from her myspace account:

"Krys Jagger is a pop icon, raconteur, award-winning writer, and socialite found wherever the light shines the brightest. Her works include poetry, short fiction, Gonzo Journalism, and social-commentary. Famous for her quick wit and candor, Jagger has several projects in the works, and is currently contributing to a variety of publications. For more information on Krys Jagger, you may contact her Publicist at KrysJaggerPublicity@yahoo.com..."

Does anybody find this a little self-indulgent? Maybe it's because I'm somewhat of a self-deprecating bastard, but there's a part of me who feels that even a media whore like Paris Hilton would see this description as nothing more than the apex of conceit. Here's what problematic about Jagger and her "fansite," real writers are never celebrities. You can find instances in which this thought could be disputed (Hunter S. Thompson and Lester Bangs maybe), but when has someone like Oliver Wang or Jessica Hopper found themselves with a fansite, let alone a publicist? Part of being a music writer is that you're grounded, you have your ear to the street and your finger on the pulse of the community. Placing yourself above that makes you nothing more than a (pardon the language) starfucker (word to NIN).

[P.S. Gonzo journalism is played. Seriously, it's an excuse to have something published with very little substance. If you're not Thompson or Holden Caufield, then I suggest you stop this gonzo business and stay off the crack]

[P.P.S. Jagger is from Salinas, California, where I lived for a few years in between parents and let me say that the town sucks, and to prove my point, they shut down a number of local libraries including the John Steinbeck library. If this town doesn't even a have decent library, how can it harbor a starlet like Jagger. I guess that's why she had to move to NY and star in a shitty show]

[update: Her real name is Krystal Simpson. Go figure.]


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