Monday, August 14, 2006

snakes on a mutha*%$@*#$@#% plane

Various Artists
"Snakes On a Plane: The Album"
(Decaydance/New Line)

You know how I feel about the title track by Cobra Starship, so I'm going to bypass that song altogether, but then again, the rest of the soundtrack is more or less like that: an endless series of pop-punk songs remixed by various techno producers. Blah. There are some ill-placed songs by Spearhead and Donavon Frankenreiter which are better suited for some weeded out, neo-hippie compilation album. This soundtrack fucking sucks.

You know what doesn't suck? The new DJ Quik greatest hits album, "Born and Raised in Compton" (Arista). It has every great Quik jam from "Tonite" to "Safe + Sound." It even has some of his relatively obscure 2nd II None tracks. Oh Em Gee. So the lesson here, children: buy the new DJ Quik album over "Snakes On a Plane," though I guess it's not that hard to top a soundtrack that looks like it came some scremo-ing kid's playlist.


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