Thursday, October 26, 2006

a gotdamn travisty

[welcome to the asshole parade]

If you haven't seen/heard the new abortion of a song that Good Charlotte has unleashed upon the world click here. I won't go on until you're done watching it; don't worry it'll only be a minute or so.

Watched it?

So first they're punk, then they were goth and now they're dance rappers? It's difficult to take idiots like these guys seriously when they can't hang on to an image for more than a year at a time. I imagine with the disappointing sales of high profile bands such as Angels and Airwaves, Taking Back Sunday and Yellowcard, the Madden fucks thought it would be a good idea to capitalize on the punk-dance craze that's been eating up all the pop-punk and hardcore kids lately. I mean, catering to the children will always allow Benji and Joel to afford their faux-cool, teen-banging, faux gangsta lifestyles. After seeing this gotdamn travisty of a video, I've realized that from now until they break up, Good Charlotte will always be your little sister's favorite band.

Boycott this band. For real.


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