Wednesday, November 22, 2006

fuck the AMAs

With the exception of the Myspace kids who tuned in to see Fall Out Boy play their new (read: fucking terrible) single, "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race," the American Music Awards may have only been watched by a handful of people. I caught bits and pieces of it as I was kept flipping back-and-forth from the new episode of "Gilmore Girls."

Does anybody watch this shit? The AMAs is pretty useless anyway. They're supposedly decided on by music buyers, but I don't ever get a ballot. And if it were based on sales, then wouldn't they be ripping off the Billboard Awards?

The little bit that I caught was a pretty big mess. My wife and I kept noticing that many of the award winners weren't present; also, Jimmy Kimmel's been on television for a decade now, can't someone teach that guy how to read a cue card or teleprompter without looking so obvious?

Anyway, award shows in general are pretty stupid. I didn't even enjoy Nelly Furtado's performance and I like that broad. Fuck the AMAs; they owe me at least seven minutes of my life back.


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