Friday, November 10, 2006

minus 44?

Plus 44
"When Your Heart Stops Beating"

Apparently there's a bit of a Blink 182 war in various media outlets such as Spin, Larry King Live and that pits Tom DeLonge's arena rockin' Angels and Airwaves versus Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker's emoin' Plus 44. I never would've guessed.

DeLonge's album was a little disappointing since he did a year's worth of press proclaiming that his new band would change the world. And while AvA has managed a few MTV awards and Gold status, there's still a war-torn Iraq, a politically divided nation, etc.

Like Blink 182, Plus 44's debut is more in tune to matters of the heart and, for all its faux Postal Service moments, it's quite catchy.

The title track and single, "When Your Heart Stops Beating," is hands down the poppiest song of the year. I would vote it to be the single of the year; that's how much I dig that song. But unfortunately the rest of the record isn't as strong. There are a few great moments such as "Lycantrophy," "No It Isn't," and "Make You Smile." Then there are snooze-worthy tunes like "Little Death," "Baby C'Mon," and "Weatherman."

The record isn't as eclectic as you'd imagine. There are electronic drums and keyboard parts and interesting guest appearances (Dan the Automator!), but for the most part, you're getting the spit-and-shine Blink 182 pop treatment. Not bad, though.


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