Friday, December 01, 2006

get ready for the mid-season!!!!

November sweeps is pretty much over, so around the corner is the dreaded mid-season replacements. This is usually the time when networks start dumping the shows that weren't good enough to make the start of the fall line-up. It doesn't really look good, however, since most mid-season replacements are usually pretty sucky with the exception of "What About Brian."

Strangely enough, two shows that are returning mid-year are shows that have had a pretty exceptional track record, "Scrubs" and "The King of Queens." We know that NBC is notorious for shitcanning their good shows ("Dana Carvey Show"), so treating "Scrubs" like a red-headed stepchild isn't any real surprise. But "The King of Queens?" Was Kevin James holding out for some of that Fresh Prince money since he did "Hitch?" Well, other than those two shows, mid-year is probably gonna suck.



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