Friday, February 23, 2007

worst. remix. ever.

Fall Out Boy
"This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race (Kanye West Remix)"
(Island Def Jam)

This lazy, hastily put together remix courtesy of Diamond D-biter/overexposed demigod, Kanye West, is about the worst song I've heard in the last month. It actually might be the worst song of the year. Not that I thought too much of the song to begin with, but the verse that 'Ye drops is as confusing as his style of dress. Sample lyric: "The arm race made them raise their arm straight to the top/Who knew?/Right now they got the number one spot/Do you want that?/Me too.../They figure 'Ye dress tight, so we gon' dress tighter/He dress white, so we gon' dress whiter."

Huh? What? Actually that last part is pretty funny because he over emphasizes "whiter."

The drums seem like they were taken from one of those old "Drum Crazy" loop records that Tower used to sell for like $6. The pianos are buried so far beneath the mix and the vocal sample that you can't really tell they're there. Because of this travesty of a song and remix, both Fall Out Boy and Kanye should be banned from recording for at least two years. Believe that.

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