Wednesday, February 14, 2007


chasing coolness presents the 25th annual vee-day heartbreak tape:

side ay:

1. christopher gutierrez, "true love and the damage done"
2. dustin kensrue, "pistol"
3. kevin devine, "guys with record collections"
4. max roach, "lonesome lover"
5. sarah shannon, "all we will be"
6. the perceptionists, "love letters"
7. ozma, "eponine"
8. dj shadow, "six days"
9. ryan star, "back of your car"
10. say anything, "total revenge"

side bee:

11. alkaline trio, "we can never break up"
12. smashing pumpkins, "disarm"
13. tribe called quest, "find a way"
14. the monkees, "a little bit me, a little bit you"
15. leigh nash, "ocean size love"
16. the jealous sound, "anxious arms" (remix)
17. hi-five, "never should've let you go"
18. joe bataan, "ordinary guy"
19. maritime, "tearing up the oxygen"
20. r.e.m., "at my most beautiful"



At 9:47 PM , Blogger Joel said...

"at my most beautiful" is the best beach boys song that never was.

for real though, it is the unique beauty of monogamy in song.

PS: NINE people proposed weezer for 33 1/3. Damn.


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