Friday, April 20, 2007

cam wrong

Professional dis machine and wearer of macho effeminate colors, Cam'ron is going to be shooting the ish with Anderson Cooper on Sunday's "60 Minutes" in which he defends the uber-passe stop snitchin' movement. What the pho?

This whole thing wrong on so many levels. At its core, stop snitchin' pretty much came to an end once rappers' drug runners stopped taking bullets and heat. Also, it's kind of stupid. While the police outside of family members who happen to be law enforcement aren't necessarily my favorite people, I'd go to the cops if some madness was going down. That's not being a pussy or whatever, that's some common fucking sense.

In this clip, Cam goes on about how he'd move if a serial killer lived next door to him, but he wouldn't tell anybody. That's a bitch move, probably moreso than calling the fuzz.

Cam buries himself deeper in bullshit when he says that it's about a "code of ethics." Hypocrite say what? So, by Cam's standards, he moved out of a serial killer's building, what about his crew? What if Juelz Santana or Hell Rell became victims to the Killa from 3B? Who will carry Dipset? Leaving your loyal friends in the dark, that's a bitch move.

Anyone who's turned on the television or read the news in the last four days know about the kinds of fucked up shit that happen, which could've been avoided had people not turned a blind eye to an individual's problems. I can't fault Cam'ron per se, but I can call him an idiot for furthering the selfishness of American culture.

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