Friday, July 27, 2007

why are people still making remix albums?

[sorry ms. holiday, but they're making you unhappy with shitty remixes]

Right now, I'm sitting here working on an upcoming release for a new Billie Holiday posthemous remix compilation called "Billie Holiday: Remixed & Reimagined," which is the second such recording from this particularly deceased artist.

I know I went off about this a couple years ago on this very forum, but seriously, why the fuck are labels still putting this kind of crap out? It's not like Biggie's "Duets" or "Born Again" did really well, and tribute albums in general tend to suck, so other than appealing to the Starbucks set, is there a valid reason for labels to throw their money away on shit like this?

The only really dope remix record was the comp that Motown put out back in 2005, mostly because they set it off with really legit producers. This Billie Holiday disc in front of me has DJ Swingsett, who hasn't really done much since the first "Deep Concentration" disc and DJ Logic, who has since been abandoned by ?uestlove (but is nevertheless dope). Otherwise, there's just a bunch of no-names who've probably released some crap on Giant Step back in the day, but have since rescinded to DJing random bars in New York.

Now I admit, I have my fair share of Nu-Jazz and DJ Food type shit, but the heyday is over and mickiefickies need to start digging for breaks again. Or get my grande soy latte correct, ya heard?

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