Friday, July 13, 2007

kate voegele = fake ass michelle branch

Kate Voegele
"Don't Look Away"

There's absolutely no reason to listen to Kate Voegele's debut long player on MySpace Records, "Don't Look Away." From the opening chords of the first track, "Chicago," the rest of the album moves at a snail's pace, heavily borrowing from Michelle Branch.

Here are some quick facts about this album:

  • Kate Voegele is not that hot.
  • Kate Voegele does the Katie Holmes-lip curl-thing, which is worth a download of the album cover.
  • Kate Voegele couldn't sing her way out of a paper bag.
This is absolutely horrid. Being on MySpace Records, I have this suspicion that Voegele's fans are either jockish dudes, creepy old men or empowered young girls whose entire CD collection is made up of shit like Hannah Montana, Aly & AJ and the Cheetah Girls. Don't let Tom persuade you into spending your money or wasting precious time trying to listen to this poor excuse of an album. Kate Voegele is jut a fake ass Michelle Branch.

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