Thursday, December 06, 2007

wu vs. wu vs. wu

So by now, you've all seen the videos in which Raekwon talks shit about RZA and where RZA refutes Raekwon's claims about the usual Wu-Creative Process (i.e. RZA dictating everything) and Wu-Embezzlement (i.e. RZA using Wu money to fund another Serato). There's also the video of Ghostface going off about how the RZA is basically full of shit. So with that said, Wu-Tang is supposedly going to do a show at the Showbox at the end of the month. The line-up isn't too bad Dyme Def is solid and Cancer Rising is Cancer Rising, and then there's Furious Styles, a hardcore group inspired by the likes of Madball and Rage Against the Machine, and seeing how the RZA is into guitars now (at least according to Rae the Chef), then I suppose that also makes sense. But with all this inner-Wu turmoil, I'm betting that the show gets cancelled, as most hip-hop shows are apt to; and if it does happen, it'll probably be without Rae or Ghostface -- which is a shame considering that they've dropped the best of the Wu solo albums ("Beneath the Surface" sucked). It's looks to be a sad day in Wu-World, but a sadder day for the Wu-Fans.

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