Friday, April 11, 2008

Denali Reunites! Coked Out Hipsters Regret Selling Their Copies of "The Instinct!"

I'm a few days late on this, but Decoy Music posted a link to Denali's Myspace announcement that the band would indeed be reuniting.

Let's take a moment for swooning.

I'm a little less cynical about this reunion because, unlike Lifetime or Portishead, Denali didn't popularize a genre or even change the face of indie rock. They were, however, a very solid band and found fans and unlikely tourmates ranging from Minus the Bear and The Velveteen to Deftones and Poison the Well.

Denali's lead singer, Maura Davis, went on to form the similar-sounding Ambulette, before the implosion of Astralwerks lead to that band's demise. Since then, she had started Glos with brother and Denali bandmate, Keeley Davis (also of Engine Down [one of the best bands ever] and Sparta).

This reunion is also a bit uncanny as I received their posthumous DVD, "Pinnacle," in the mail yesterday via Netflix. Weirdness.
Denali released two stellar albums on Jade Tree, their self-titled debut and "The Instinct," in addition to their DVD.

[Bonus Videos]

Denali, "Hold Your Breath"

Denali, "French Mistake (Live)"

Maura Davis, "Cash"

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