Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Finally! How I Met Your Mother is Back! (and other random updates)

Last night, CBS aired a new, post-strike episode of "How I Met Your Mother." And, despite a few clunky moments, it was really, really flippin' good. I can say that as person who has gone through crazy situations (particularly post-break up) that I can relate to Ted's desire to live it up and act like you don't have to be accountable for choices that you make. But eventually you do, hence the morality spin at the end.

Anyway, I'm getting back to living a semblance of a normal life again. These last few weeks have been crazy. I did some interviews for (of all things) a couple high school newspapers (!), started posting chapters from my unreleased book over on Stay Off the Crack, putting the finishing touches on my demo and getting my place ready for my lady friend who will be out here in a few weeks.

It's interesting that all I wanted was to calm down a little after session, but now I'm finding myself being thrown back into the fire.

As you may have noticed, I decided to do some spring cleaning and update the links and change the layout of the site. I'm too busy (re: lazy) to actually design something completely new so I went with one of Blogger's better looking default layouts. I also thought about bringing Backed With back since I haven't touched it since last year.

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