Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Chasing Coolness @ BAMBOOZLE LEFT? WHAT?

That's right childrens, Chasing Coolness a.k.a. Ryan P. is skraight hittin' the best state in the Union to interview a billion awesome bands for this year's Bamboozle. For real. I'm doing the official blogging for the Bamboozle fansite, Boozle'd, and I'm doing real-time coverage of a plethora of sweet bands like Dance Gavin Dance, NFG, Paramore (Hayley what up?), The Starting Line, From First to Last and Metro Station.

I am totes stoked for this!!!!!! California peeps, I hope you have a place for me to crash!!! You herbs wanna go out and get In-N-Out with me? Sweetness!!!!!

Let's hook it up!!!!!

Bomb the comments and let me know where the parties are at. I'm going to be rolling with a camera crew and a microphone, getting in ya faces. On the real, all you crabs know the deal!

I apologize to all my friends who fell for this and for my non-friends who accused me of being a hypocrite, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. You fell for that jawn hook, line and stinker. Anyway, I won't be at Bamboozle Left, but my friends Ilene and Mike who spearhead both High Voltage Media and The Meltdown have a booth there, so if you are attending, support their booth. They have some awesome action figures and other nerd shit that their showcasing.

Also, my review of the Bamboozle Road Show is up on Redefine. Bee'lee dat.

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