Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Found Glory/International Superheroes of Hardcore, "Tip of the Iceberg/Takin' It Ova"

New Found Glory/International Superheroes of Hardcore
"Tip of the Iceberg/Takin' It Ova" (Double Split EP)
(Bridge 9)

I rarely inhabit the B9 message board these days, though I imagine it must have been quite the shitstorm when the label announced they were going to release a New Found Glory EP. Still, we shouldn't forget these Floridians got their start in the HxC scene thanks to guitarist Chad Gilbert's role as a one-time vocalist for Shai Hulud.

This "split" EP is really an extended NFG record of outtakes. The International Superheroes of Hardcore is NFG doing goofy hardcore songs, not unlike Good Clean Fun. With that said, I can't really talk too much trash about this record.

Unlike their last studio album, "Coming Home," New Found Glory goes back to basics with three new songs and three covers. Their new songs are an attempt at their "It's All About the Girls/Nothing Gold Can Stay"-era tracks that are more punk than pop. Unlike MxPx's attempt to recapture the "Punk Rawk Show" proverbial lightning in a bottle, NFG's are a little bit more earnest. Though over the last few years, they've explored their pop side, there have always been a strong presence of their punk side, so it's not really a major change, outside of the fact that huge hooks are missing. The cover songs, on the other hand, are okay. I don't think Shelter, Gorilla Biscuit or Lifetime fans will be too pissed, but they are easily forgettable.

For the International Superheroes of Hardcore side, I will say that these songs are ridiculous...and in a good way, of course. Unabashedly tongue-in-cheek, "Takin' It Ova," is the real treat on this double disc EP. In "Fashion Show," Gilbert belts out in the intro, "There's no wardrobe in hardcore, despite what you think/I mean look at us, we wear capes." The mental image alone makes this a worthwhile purchase. Luckily songs like "Screamo's Gotta Go" and "Hardcore Hokey Pokey" could probably fool a couple dudes in Bane shirts into taking these tracks seriously.

This is a pretty solid release, overall, though I'd recommend it for kids who are really into New Found Glory or Good Clean Fun, otherwise, the joke will pretty much just go over your head and you'll be beating yourself up for spending $12 on a glorified parody album. I wonder how long it will take before this review ends up on a thread?

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