Thursday, February 16, 2006

make money, take money.

* tricia romano revisits celeb disk jocks in "celebrity spin."

* i usually update the hell out of the coolness, but i'm going to chill for a bit to work on game recognize game, my 90's r&b/hip-pop mixtape/cd, and recording a bunch of friends singing along to silly songs i wrote about donuts, seattle and my kid.

* broadway calls is a pretty sweet pop-punk band featuring josh and ty from countdown to life.

* winter is slowly melting away, which means bands are back out on the road. here are some seattle shows worth a peep:

2/17: the divorce/heather duby/roy at hell's kitchen (tacoma)
2/18: reggie & the full effect at el corazon/graceland
2/19: planet asia, casual, (maybe rasco), at studio seven
2/19: everytime i die at neumos
2/26: oops i stepped in some christ at the funhouse
3/03: pensive at hell's kitchen
3/05: sidetracked at the frameshop (tacoma)
3/08: jenny lewis & the watson twins at neumos
3/10: dmc (without rev. run) at chop suey
3/15: nightmare of you/electric six at neumos
3/28: an albatross at the paradox


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