Tuesday, February 28, 2006

tidbits 2/28/05

* to respond to the responses of my hawthorne heights post below, i present the humanity critic presenting "fun with racism."

* rich people who are assholes? ya don't say....

* the new dilated peoples album "20/20" is okay. it's not as good as "the platform" or "expansion team" but it's worthy of at least 3 mics if i was writing for the source.

* the sasquatch line up for 2006 has been revealed, which makes me wonder, "is this festival like warped tour with better bands and more assholes?"

* say anything (the band, not the awesome movie) has some live acoustic videos on youtube.

* the infamous FSU gets caught with heat and kevlar, arrested, and ridiculed on both local news and nwhardcore.

* if you see this guy around: ...tell him i want my furnace fest DVD back.

* and that new good clean fun album? best. posi. album. ever.


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