Thursday, February 23, 2006

america's next top somethin' somethin'

* there are full episodes of america's next top model: season 2 (aka the best season ever!) on youtube.

* has anyone ever noticed that nothing happens to the girls who win these competitions? it's not like anybody expects these girls to be on the cover of a british tabloid doing blow with a singer of a band, but it's not like they're rockin' the cindy crawford circa 1990 tip, either.

* pitchfork sheds even more light on last month's best buy-indie label-sale bullshit

* isn't it sad when taco bell is pretty much the only vegetarian fast food restaurant?

* to negate an earlier post, "inked" is actually a pretty decent show.

* to your right, you'll notice a new link for office pirates. if you're like me and you work at a place that mirrors initech, then you'll probably get a kick out of this site.

* the nonce deserved way more credit.


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