Wednesday, March 08, 2006

tidbits 3/8/06

* my former employer/late bandwagon jumper, the seattle times published an FSU-related story. where were all these news outlets when FSU routinely started fights at the plague house?

* the heights get bitch slapped by ne-yo (kudos on the ghostface single) and ryan p strongly urges that IDJ file a lawsuit.

* so sayeth kid rock in regards to the scott stapp sex tape: "I'm like, what are you talking about?" Rock told the AP. "This tape gets out — it's your tape — and you're [saying] someone's trying to sabotage your career?"

...if only that dude in that band that got their name (even if it's indirectly) from the simpsons read that before taking these pictures (NSFW) (no seriously, don't click on this shit unless you wanna barf and/or get off, which isn't suitable in a public area, anyway. wait until you get home.)

* ultragrrrl likens my chemical romance to guess that's not entirely out of the question since it's a matter of opinion, though i would liken them to poison.

* the season premiere of america's next top model begins tonight at 8. here's my go for the top three:

molly sue



...if it weren't for miss j. alexander, there'd be absolutely no reason to watch this show, because jay manuel and tyra have the combined personality of an igloo. word.

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seattle times


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