Monday, April 10, 2006

oh geez, will someone just tell them to shut the hell up?!?

"Die Romantic"

There's nothing funny about suicide, homeless teens and eating disorders. I mean, I guess you can crack some Kurt Cobain/Carnie Wilson-type jokes, but seriously, how far will that shit get you?

So Aiden's third video from their dreadful album has all three of the aforementioned personal afflictions, exploited in such a way that 13 year old suburban teens will have no other choice than to commit suide, be a recluse or puke up their Swann's dinner. I can't really remember much about the video other than their singer WiL playing some sort of devil's advocate by telling a homeless teen to purse snatch some girl, encouraging a girl to throw up, and making some dude jump off a building.

Somewhere in there, Aiden is also playing in front of a church, looking like AFI and whatnot. Geez, can you think of anything else? Wasn't a church the setting of your last video? Dang. Fuck it, I can't write about these losers anymore. I'm going to go listen to the new Built To Spill.


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