Friday, April 14, 2006

top model update

We're now about halfway into Cycle Six and one of my picks (Mollie Sue) got the boot. I made my predictions after the premiere, so I think I can get a better assesment on who will make it into the final four (which ends up being the final three once they get to the exotic location or whatever).

Furonda: In addition to being beautiful, Furonda don't take any shit (see: calling out Dani, the racist contestant). There needs to be a Top Model like that since most of the past winners, especially Nicole from Cycle Five, have been pretty weak sauce.

Jade: TV producers love drama and Jade is arguably the most manipulative person (re: bitch) in the history of the show. She can't take the blame for any of her shortcomings and often points the finger at others which may hinder her chances. Plus she's like 30 or some shit, so she's kind of a wild card. They'd probably keep her for the drama, though.

Joanie: So far she's been pretty understated. In the last episode, she said that it's going to be between her and Jade, which means she has the confidence (cockiness, no?). She was rocking in the last show, she just needs to start shining.

Sara/Danielle: Sara has a lot to prove since she was the only contestant who didn't actually try out for the show (she was chased down by producers in a mall). Sara's also a bit on the tall side and kind of reminds me of someone who hit a overnight growth spurt. Danielle, like Sara, seems like she has a lot to prove. She's pretty, but she's needs get some confidence and go for self.

Man, they're really kicking out some of the best contestants that the show has ever had -- Mollie Sue and Leslie -- but I suppose that drama is key to the show's success. I'm glad that Gina got the boot, though. She was making us Asians look bad for the few episodes she was actually on.


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