Wednesday, May 03, 2006

the locker room daze

[Maybe it's just me, but was there anybody else who found insanely difficult to use yesterday?]
Last week, I achieved new levels of boredom so I decided to take a trip through the ol' Myspace and look at what the people of my graduating class are doing these days. It's a little bit of unsurprising, mildly entertaining and interesting to say the least.

Here are some things I did learn that maybe you'll find useful, or perhaps they will inadvertently answer some questions....

1. This guy who used to call me a fag in Honors English freshman year is gay and living in New York.

2. A girl who used to be my partner-in-crime in art club hangs out with a star jockette from the softball team.

3. About half of my former schoolmates who are on Myspace have children (in most cases multiple kids).

4. One dude who used to be a chronic pothead (no pun intended) is now training to be an ultimate fighter.

5. There are a sprinkle of hipsters in the graduating class, but most people have been able to hold on (or rather embrace) to their suburban ideals.

6. One kid who was just brutal to me during sophomore year was working for a high ranking government official, but was subsequently fired during the recent White House shakeups.

7. Kids who were in typically "dorky" clubs such as art club, yearbook, or DECA have aged better than the kids who coasted by and spent their weekends getting messed up and defiling each other.

Like any normal human being, I get sentimental about particular events in my life and high school is not one them. I loathed high school and when I think about who I was back then, I haven't really made a big change, personality-wise. In fact, it was probably the general discomfort of high school that probably pushed my introverted demeanor further.

Regardless, that's what high school is all about isn't it? Painfully awkward moments and mayhem. With that in mind, the 10 year high school reunion that will hit in three years should be a blast. Or at least one hell of a trainwreck.


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