Friday, September 01, 2006

before the weekend...

It's Labor Day weekend and Vivian from Redefine hit me off with a ton of new stuff to review, listen to, and then sell to Easy Street Records. Huzzah! It's been a pretty big week for me, as far as getting new stuff goes. Work hit me off with the new OutKast and Static Age, and my longtime friend James (13 years and running) hit me off with the new Roots and Method Man jawns. I also wanted to post a review of the new Early November triple disc, but that's obviously going to take a while since there's 60 songs to go through.

Vivian was also kind enough to snag me a ticket for Bumbershoot on Monday; now I know that I've talked a lot of shit about Bumbershoot, however, Monday night features the recently reunited A Tribe Called Quest as the headliner. Oh, I'm such a walking contradiction!

Anyway, while I'm off rapping along to "Bonita Applebum," why don't you add me as your Myspace friend? I put up some of my old hip-hop tracks in the high hopes that I'll get booked to DJ more clubs and parties because I'm hurtin' for the skrilla.


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