Thursday, September 07, 2006

clay aiken signs to saddle creek (or does he?)

Yes, your eyes do not decieve you. That is the new and improved Clay Aiken. As you can tell by his haircut, he's much more likely to sit down with you and, over a cup of hot cocoa, discuss the current state of world affairs, NPR, and his favorite bands on Touch and Go. He carries "The Communist Manifesto" and "Catcher in the Rye" in his messenger bag, along with an iPod shuffle so he can hear the entire Bauhaus discography at random.

In a previous post, I ranted about how emo is dead and begged for its removal from the American lexicon. Well, now it's officially over as former American Idol contestant (and Ruben's bitch) Clay has gotten all Bright Eyes on us. If the children of America didn't get it before, now they should. This is where consumerism takes you -- to the ugly side of marketing, fashion, and a sudden interest in pomade.

How much are you willing to bet that he'll try to take Jenny Lewis to open his next stadium tour? I'd bet at least $20.


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