Wednesday, September 06, 2006

worst show since temptation island

I was never really big on "Survivor." For one thing, when it aired on Thursday nights back in 2000, it inadvertantly sunk the much beloved "Clerks Animated Series" that I'd been waiting forever to watch. Not to mention that the general premise of the show is kind of stupid; a reality show based on "Gilligan's Island." Sweet...not.

Unless you've been living in an isolation chamber, then you've no doubt heard that the new season of "Survivor" pits different races against each other, further dividing already fragmented race relations in America. Hell, it's not like in the UK where racism isn't really commonplace anymore (if I'm wrong about this, feel free to correct me, but that's just what I get from the people out there and what I see on the BBC).

Apparently, white supremacists are having a field day with this show, while several of the show's sponsors have backed out. I wonder how many episodes will air before CBS will pull the plug?

Just as much as the implied racism, what bothers me about this show is that we rarely see people of color on major network shows, lest they be reduced to stereotypical roles. Now there's a large cast of minorities, but they're essentially participating in a race war of sorts (at least that's what Gawker is dubbing it).

I hope that this show gets "Chevy Chase'd" and canned faster than tuna in a factory, otherwise, it's going to be a long television season, and an awkward period to be a non-WASP in the United States.


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