Friday, September 15, 2006

gridiron piece of crap

This week, Duane "The Rock" Johnson's new movie, "Gridiron Gang," opens up nationwide. Let me throw the premise (read: full story) your way:

A do-gooder/hardass, The Rock is a coach for a bunch of wayward boys who get their shit together to play for a juvi football team of some sort. The Rock thinks it would be a good idea for them to play against local high school football teams. Nobody except The Rock and his cronie/DL partner Xzibit, thinks that this is a good idea because it's hoodlums vs. kids-who-do-dumb-shit-but-never-get-caught. The wayward youth is a mixed bag of ethnicities, so I'm certain that there are some stereotypes, mild racism, class issues, etc. thrown into the mix. Anyway, The Rock's kids play some important games, win the championship and prove without a shadow of a doubt that it ain't about where you're from, it's where you're at. End movie. Oh, by the way, there may have been some spoilers.

Usually, I'd be all about people going out to see The Rock's movies. "The Rundown?" Man, I was at there opening night! It's not often you get to see Samoans with their own movie, and The Rock is certainly the most visible Samoan celebrity. Well, him and The Jets. But the thing is that there has already been a movie with this premise, except that it was a college football team, not high school, and it was called "Necessary Roughness." Granted, that was more of a rip-off of "Major League" but still, it's pretty much the same damn movie; except that Sinbad (the comedian, not the pirate) was in the movie and if you're not down with Sinbad, you're not allowed to be my friend. So save yourself $10 and stay home this weekend. Instead you can prepare for the week of awesome premieres on TV:

"The Class"
"How I Met Your Mother"
"Law and Order: SVU"


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