Monday, September 18, 2006

universal says "fuck you" to the internet

I'm a little late with this, but last week Universal Music Group went after Youtube and Myspace on the claim that they are "copyright infringers."

Yeah, right.

It's not like the Universal Music Group doesn't have billions of dollars backing them so as to sue some kid who wants to use a Dashboard Confessional song for their homemade skate clip, or what have you, but I think it's funny, if not slightly ironic, that a company that has financial ties to Seagrams (as in the liquor company) would try to stand on moral ground for their artists' rights. Or rather their paychecks.

I'm not sure if Universal understands how sites like Myspace work, wherein the artists (or someone involved with them) creates the page and allows them to upload their own music, images, videos, etc. I'm pretty sure that if New Found Glory felt that their rights were being violated, they would've put an end to their Myspace page. Instead, they've used it to promote their new single and video. You know, like what Myspace is supposed be used for.

While I understand that Universal wants to somehow be properly compensated for all the money that they're losing for people streaming videos on Youtube, what with all the money that Youtube makes...Waitaminute...Youtube and Myspace don't charge for their services.... And Universal wants to charge people to watch their crappy videos on the internet? I guess Universal is trying to gain a little bit more capital before they buy another alcohol manufacturer.


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