Wednesday, December 13, 2006

2006: The Hits

Last year around this time, my main man Joel H, wrote that it was tiny and meaningless to compile a best of list. I wholeheartedly agree with the man, yet I'm compelled to do it because part of being a music writer is to validate your existence by authoring such meaningless lists. And honestly, how many GD lists do I have to read before I fully comprehend that nearly every pop culture blogger LOVED that Jenny Lewis solo record [1]? More than anything, though, I just really like writing lists. Onward, good fellows!

Fave Wrekordz ov 2006 (in no particular order):

Blackpool Lights "This Town's Disaster"
Ex-Get Up Kid guitarist/singer Jim Suptic hits you over the head with that mid-west rock that we love so much. Word to the Replacements.

Rhymefest "Blue Collar"
Spotty in some parts, former Moleman and Kanye West ghostwriter goes for self and succeeds.

Nump "The Numpyard"
It transcends the Hyphy subgenre and is probably the most overlooked record on this list.

Brand New "The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me"

Broadway Calls "Call the Medic We're Begging Please"
Sounding like Dear You-era Jawbreaker, Oregon's Broadway Calls is almost all politics and no bullshit.

Saves the Day "Sound the Alarm"/"Bug Sessions"

The Game "Doctor's Advocate"

Kero One "Windmills of the Soul"
In a Victory Records-type description, it's Christian Rap meets The Nonce in some wacky way.

Leigh Nash "Blue on Blue"

Matchbook Romance "Voices"
Shedding the emo tag, MBR goes for broke on a somewhat dense sounding album.

Maritime "We, the People"
Best pop album of the year.

Apathy "Eastern Philosophy"

Cut Chemist "The Audience is Listening"
Turntablism returns? You betcha.

Sinking Ships "Disconnecting"
Hardcore's return to form.



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