Wednesday, January 10, 2007

33 1/3 submission iders

So as you may have read on other 'blogs, "33 1/3" is taking submissions for their next series of books. I have a few ideas, which goes as follows:

de la soul - de la soul is dead
ice cube - lethal injection
descendents - i don't wanna grow up/milo goes to college
too short - get in where you fit in
q-bert - wave twisters
brand new - deja entendu (i'm a little iffy on this one just because how recent it's been released)
kid dynamite - shorter, faster, louder
get up kids - something about airplanes
mobb deep - the infamous
jimmy eat world - clarity
milt jackson and john coltrane - bags and trane
quincy jones - you got it bad, girl
raekwon - only built 4 cuban linx
built to spill - perfect from now on
promise ring - nothing feels good
company flow - funcrusher plus
mos def - black on both sides
gang starr - hard to earn
mineral - endserenading
murder city devils - in name and blood
outkast - southernplayalisticaddilladicmuzik
jay-z - reasonable doubt
pedro the lion - winners never quit

There are some albums that I most definitely wanted to do, like Lifetime's "Jersey's Best Dancers," Nas' "Illmatic," and Death Cab for Cutie's "We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes," but those particular bands have had a surge of press recently; not to say that no one's been covering Jay-Z, but most of his press has been slightly negative. I want to avoid a record that is obvious (like choosing Ice Cube's "Amerikkka's Most Wanted" over "Lethal Injection"), which is why the albums I've selected have a sense of familiarity -- basically I went with fanship over critically cannonized records. I'm certain someone would talk shit to me for picking Outkast's debut over "Speakerboxxx/Love Below" or "Aquemini." Bleh.

Whaddya think?

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At 8:18 PM , Blogger Joel said...

I see you and I had the same idea! I'm torn between Pinkerton--I'd be shocked if it hasn't been pitched already or will be -- and something more obscure that I love, like Judee Sill. The trick is to find a balance between something you really love and something that will sell, I guess. They have covered almost no hip hop in that series, so I think if you wrote a really strong proposal for a rap album that people agree is significant, you'd have a good chance. Maybe de la? Do you think I should go with Pinkerton?

At 6:21 AM , Blogger ryan said...

Joel, I think "Pinkerton" would be a magnificent choice, especially for you. Knowing you and your love of Weezer, I think you'd be the best person to articulate the kind of impact that the album could have on someone who's in their teens and trying to find themselves. Additionally, I know you understand it in the way that some older people understand records like "Dark Side of the Moon" or "The White Album," where it's a record that has aged particularly well and still holds water a decade later.

At 12:25 PM , Blogger Cities of the said...

"get up kids - something about airplanes"
That's a Death Cab album.

At 12:55 PM , Blogger ryan said...

you know what i meant. i don't know...all those bands look the same, and smell like bologna.


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